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Pokemon Go Fun

 Today was one of my days off from work and even though I was not feeling well (I think I have a cold or a respiratory infection) I wanted to do something outside with my boyfriend. We don't usually get more than one full day together a week (if even that), so when we do, we either go grocery shopping or we stay in all day, watching movies and overall being lazy. We usually are both exhausted from work and don't want to do anything.

Since we (mostly him haha) are into playing Pokemon Go, we decided to go to the town center, where we don't usually go to that often, and walk around the park that goes around the whole center. It wasn't too hot outside like it has been up until now so it was a nice day out. 

We caught a few good Pokemon and enjoyed being out and about in nature even for a couple of hrs. After that we got some food and went home to eat and watch a movie. We both have to go back to work tomorrow but at least it was a nice chill day spent together. I am still feeling pretty sick with a headache and sore throat so I will probably take some medication and go to sleep. 

On a different note, I am super excited for Sunday! I have a fun event to go to that I will definitely share with you all, and who knows, I might even vlog that day! ;) 

Until then,

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