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Vampire Diaries Convention/Meeting Paul and Ian

 This post is a little late, I know, but I have had a crazy schedule at work and also been trying to find a rental house. We have to be out of the apartment by the end of September!

Anyway, this post is about the day me and my sister met Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder!

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon on August 21st, 2016 haha My sister slept over the night before so we could wake up and get ready together. The Vampire Diaries convention was held over the whole weekend with different guests on each day. We could only go on Sunday which was the best day to go because Paul and Ian were only there that day!

If you don't know who Paul and Ian are then you probably don't watch The Vampire Diaries. They are the main characters, the Salvatore brothers, Stefan and Damon,who of course are vampires.

My sister and I have been a fan of the show ever sine it came out and I thought since this was going to be the last time they were going to do the convention in Dallas, that we should go and finally meet our favorite people who play these amazing characters.

I actually bought the tickets back in July for her birthday as a birthday gift. I also bought us a Photo-Op with Paul and Ian.

Back to the main day! We got ready and we headed out at about 11 AM. We didn't get there until about 12 and had to park at the hotel where the convention was being held. There were a ton of people there! We went up to the lobby and there were tables set up where you could buy Vampire Diaries merchandise. I bought a couple of photos. We had to find the place where we got our wristbands and we also had to exchange our PDF photo-op ticket for a hard copy one.

The picture wasn't until 1:15 PM so we went to the main theater where we had our assigned seats. They had Sebastian Roche who plays Klaus's dad as a guest up on stage. He was a blast and super funny. He was trying to entertain the crowd. There was also a band there. At about 1:15 they arted calling us by numbers to go line up for the picture. Me and my sister were number 27! They first called numbers 1-50 so we ran over to where the pictures were taking place. As long as you were between those numbers it didn't matter how you lined up. We were in the first 20 I think.

They had you leave all your belongings on a table and they also had a security guy check for knives or anything else before you could actually go in the line.

We were in the hallway and there was a room ahead of us where they had a little photo studio ready and that's where we saw Paul and Ian come out! They were so good looking in real life and seemed like such nice people. They finally got into their spots and the line started moving. They kept pushing us to keep going because everything was on a time schedule. After the pictures, they had to do their panel at 2:30 PM.

Anyway, we were finally about two feet away from them and right as the people in front of us finished, we were next! I couldn't believe it! We walked into frame and Ian said "Hey there cuties!" Me and my sister almost melted! I gave him a hug and Paul and plopped myself in between them. My sister was on Ian's left side (he is her favorite and Paul is mine even though we love them both of course). I told Paul that he is my favorite and he said "Awww, thank you!" Then it was over! I don;t even know when the picture was taken because I was so in the moment and I didn't want it to end!

Right before I left I gave Paul another hug and I don't quite remember if I gave Ian one because I felt so rushed by the staff there so I started walking away and realized my sister wasn't behind me! I looked back and she was still giving them hugs and talking to them until one of the staff told her she had to go because they were on a time limit. haha My sister was pissed!

After that, it was about 2 so we went to grab something to eat from the cafe, then headed back to the main theater. Paul and Ian finally came to do their panel and it was a blast! They were super hilarious and very entertaining. They took questions from the audience and got easily distracted but they really were the nicest people ever!

After that they were done with the panel, Paul had his autograph session and I think Ian was about to do his single Photo-op but we didn't do any of that so we decided to leave. It was about 4 PM,  and the convention ended at about 5:30PM. Before we left we picked up our photo which you guys saw already. My sister hates the way she looks but I think for that type of picture, it looked ok! I was just excited to be in the same frame as them two :)

That was pretty much the convention! I did a little vlog that day which I will attach to this blog. I couldn't film in there (even though I could see others doing it!) so I don't really have footage of that. It is my first ever vlog so go easy on me haha.

Overall, I had an amazing day and I was so excited to meet Paul and Ian! It was a dream come true!

Can't wait for season 8 to come out even though I am sad it will be the last one :((( I'm sure it will be amazing as always though!


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